THE BREAKUP 

              1921 saw the largest upheaval that the village had experienced for several centuries, Kirkby Mallory the village, was to be sold. !! Up until this time, every cottage, house and farm, garden and allotment had belonged to the Kirkby Hall Estate, and these were now about to be sold off to the highest bidder. For those tenants unable to purchase, anxious months lay ahead.. The only exception being, that property held by the church i.e. the Rectory, Glebe Farm and Church Cottages. The auction was to be held at the Manchester Club, 39 Humberstone Gate, Leicester, on Wednesday 16th. March, 1921. The auctioneers being Messrs Mabbett & Edge in conjunction with W. H. Whitton.

The estate was divided into 56 Lots, 22 of these were sold by private sale prior to the auction, and as such I have been unable to verify their exact locations or identify the tenants concerned . The remaining 1,607 acres which extended from Hunts Lane, Newbold Verdon in the North, down to the Barwell / Shilton Road brook in the South was to be sold in plots as indicated in the maps below.


 The following maps indicate the approximate position of the lots to be auctioned. The 1st map shows plots for the total estate, names given below. The 2nd, lower map is an enlarged view of the village street plots





 Kirkby Hall  Hall and grounds 160 acres

 New Parks Farm  169 acres   Tenant    R. Lewin

Manor Farm  187 acres   Tenant J & H. Swain

 Brockey Farm  46 acres    Tenant W. Price

 Kirkby Lodge Farm  221 acres   Tenant W. Crane

 Hill Farm  64 acres.   Tenant T. Summers

 field name - Mill Hill  19 acres. pasture and woodland

 field names-Cows Close, & Asps Close.  19 acres. pasture and woodland Tenant J.Bown

 field names- First Field, Second Field and Big Hill.  23 acres. arable and pasture     Tenants E. Bown & J. Wigston

 Gravel pit/ & field  25 acres.

 Fox Coverts  23 acres. woodland.              (not sold)

 Kirkby Moats  12 acres. some oak woodland

The Becks Farm  63 acres. Tenant Percy W.Land

corner plot.     (Brascote Lane)  27 acres Tenant Jesse Wigston

 Kirkby Old Parks Farm  378 acres. Tenant B. Bostock

 School House Farm        (Newbold Verdon)  58 Acres. includes 4 acres of Newbold spinney. Tenant. Thomas Godfrey

 Allotment & garden      (Newbold Road)  20 acres

Cottages                          ( Stapleton lane) ?

 3 brick & slated cottages + paddock Tenants W. Crane, M. Wigston, E. Bown: paddock M.Wigston

 Thatched Cottage, ( corner Newbold Road.)  ?

 Pair of cottages         (Main Street)  ?

 Building Plot              (Main Street)  ?

 Pair of newly erected red brick cottages ( Newbold Road)  with vacant possession. Right to take water from Lot 23.

 House           (Main Street)  ?

 5 Cottages       (Main Street)  ?

 House         (Desford Lane)  ?

 Thatched Cottage    (corner Desford Lane)  ?

 2 cottages & Smithy  1st. cottage -brick & slated with watches and pigsty. 2nd. cottage. thatched. Smithy- brick and slated with 1 hearth. + Workshop. Tenants J. Talbot and B.Talbot

  2 red brick cottages + workshop  1st.cottage. 6 rooms with adjoining carpenters shop. 2nd.cottage 6 rooms + challises and pigsty + 2 bay storehouse. Tenants- Jas. Nelson. and John Gibson.

 Corner House   (old Roebuck Inn)  ?

 House        (off Desford Lane)  ?

 4 Cottages    Church Road  ?

 House    (Church Road)  ?

 Village School   (Presented to Parish)  ?

  4 terraced cottages  1st.cottage- brick & tiled -5 rooms, others thatched & 1/2 timbered with 4 rooms. all had Wash houses + pigsty at rear. Tenants- Jas Preston, Mrs Birch, John Vann and G. Stains. Right to take water from pump between this and Lot 47.

 2 cottages  Brick and thatched, good gardens and outbuildings. H.C.Hartly, J.P.&H.A. Swain. Right to take water between this and Lot 46.

 House/ Cottage & buildings  ?

 Cottage  ?

 Pair of modern cottages  ?

 Plot of Land  ?

 Plot of Land  ?

Plot of Land  ?

 Plot of Land  ?

 Plot of Land  ?

 Plot of Land  ?

The Estate also owned property in the village of Peckleton, ie. Peckleton House Farm and Hancocks Farm,

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