My links to Kirkby Mallory.

 My ancestors have lived in, or have been associated with the village for the last 200 years. It is where I grew up, and although I left the village many years ago I still have some happy memories of  my time there.  

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ABOUT MYSELF...More family history

My mother`s parents moved from Gallards Hill farm, Braunstone, South of Leicester to the Manor Farm at Kirkby Mallory in 1937. The Manor Farmhouse was a large rambling building and was able to accommodate several families, so it was to here that we moved from the suburbs of Leicester in 1947. In 1957 prior to the farm being sold for redevelopment, we moved into a new bungalow on the Mallory Park Estate where dad was employed as groundsman.

         However, my family connection with the village can be traced back much further, as my Great Grandmother, Annie Elizabeth Goddard was living there in 1870. Further research reveals that the Goddard family were living in Kirkby Mallory at least as far back as 1696 


  I attended the village school in Kirkby Mallory until the age of 11, failed my "11plus exam " so moved on to South Charnwood S.M .School, (1951 to 1955 ), enjoyed school, made some good friends. Left, aged 15 years.

Started work as an apprentice electrician working for Nichols & Overton, An electrical installation company in Hinckley. The work was varied, alternating between the domestic and hosiery and knitwear environments.

In 1958 I met Vallerie, who was living in Burbage at the time. She was working as a Shop Assistant at Pickerings & sons, a large Stationers & Fancy Goods Department Store in Hinckley.

We were married in Kirkby Mallory Church on October 27th. 1962 after which I left the village, but never forgot it

After leaving Nichols and Overton In February  1962, and looking for a more settled routine, I Joined the "Ratby Engineering Company" based between the villages of Peckleton and Desford as a Maintenance Electrician.  


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           A handshake from the Managing Director Mr.Morrice Jones to celebrate my 25 years in the Electrical Maintenance Department at Ratby Engineering,

Fellow comrades in arms were Mr. Dave Poole, Dave Armson, Steve Barns, Maurice Pickering, Myself, Rob,( for an apprentice award) John Coley and Keith Ryder.



    Assembly -Fitting shop.   One of the original aircraft hangers from the 1940's  

     Ratby Engineering

The new office block was  added circa 1970    


        After the demise of the Ratby Engineering Company   in 1994   I moved to the "Pretty Legs" Hosiery Company in Lutterworth, again as maintenance electrician where I stayed until my retirement in 2005.       




 P.legs Hosiery Ltd. Lutterworth

 No.2 Knitting Room

 Packing Room


Retirement, my last day at work  




   A much appreciated thank you from Mr Harry Pool, Managing Director

  congratulations and collection from colleagues

    Electrical supervisor, Jason with Ady Bates, right.

Hobbies and pastimes 


  Picture left. One of my more challenging projects. Enjoy Landscape oil painting particularly during the winter months .Very practical, get a great deal of satisfaction from making or building things, so a bit of a D.I.Y enthusiast, enjoy pottering in the garden, very much an outdoor person.

 Spent several years, back in the 1970`s, building a model Warship based on the R N. County Class destroyers. It was more an exercise in electrical control than in precision engineering. Turrets and launcher etc. had to function from a 4 channel on/off modulated radio control signal. The luxury of proportional control was not an option at that time. It was 6ft. long and took two people to lift it into the water, but it sailed OK and it fired the rockets.

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The house extension, back in 1980 took me 2 years to complete . With plans passed, advice from the builders merchant, and several visits to the local library, I was able to start building, and added a utility room and conservatory.


And then the difficult times

February  and  April 2007,   Was not a good year



 I feel like one who treads alone,
  Some banquet-hall deserted, 
 Whose lights are fled, whose garlands dead
And all but he departed
Thus in the stilly night, ere slumber`s chain has bound me
Fond memory brings the light of other days around me 
                                                                       Thomas Moore


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