KIRKBY MALLORY 1998. courtesy Airpics.

 KIRKBY HALL. circa 1949 

 The same view 2000. The old  stables are just visible in the distance


  BELOW,  CHURCH STREET the last 100 years 


 These three pictures are of the same view looking down Upper Church Street. Taken at different periods in time, going clockwise we have                                                        .

circa, 2000, 1950 ,and 1900
 The same thatched cottages as seen above, looking up church road this time  (1900)  



 Japonica Cottage, Corner of Barwell Road as I remember it in 1949 and next to it Sharlow Cottage (see below)

 Same corner in 2001. Note the telegraph pole, still at the same angle.




Upper Church Street, similar time scale as above. Note. Porch remains unchanged after 100 years

Left opposite 2000, Top 1930,& 1900 


Picture Top  North Lodge, Entrance to Kirkby Mallory Hall, Circa 1900, view from inside Hall grounds

Picture Left   North Lodge again, Entrance to Mallory Park 2006


Looking North up Dark lane towards Hill Farm on the left with Gardeners  Cottage ( South Lodge) on the right


Rose Cottage winter scene, family as yet  unknown

Stapleton Lane ( Dark Lane) Circa 1900. 

Looking South, down from Hill Farm, foreground on the Right, towards Rose Cottage, the white half timbered house in the distance.



   Main street, 1980.   looking down towards the Desford Lane road junction on the left

 Main street, 1999.   Showing the new housing development



Opposite direction this time looking East on Main Street towards the Stapleton / Newbold Lane junctions (1990)

 Main Street again ten years on (2000)




Above            Manor farm 1966, prior to its demolition
 Above and below ....Lower church street, opposite the old Manor farm

Kirkby House Farm 1981

Looking down Lower Church Street 1966

Village map showing the above picture locations



To the Hinckley Times
for kind permission to reproduce their black & white photographs