Richard Dilke`s Will.

Text taken from     Farnham, volume III    "Leicestershire Medieval Village Notes" page 158.

      To be buried at Kirkby Mallory, whereas I have convented with Mr. Fracis Cave and Thomas Cave of Baggrave esq to leave to Elizabeth my wife at my decease, either £200 in goods or money or else a farm worth £5 by the year and £100 in goods and chattels to the true performance whereof I give unto my said wife £100 and my said wife shall live in my now dwelling house for the first year after my death with allowance after £5 a year.       To George Dilke my eldest son, the indenture and lease of the manor house of Kirkby Mallory granted by John the abbot of the now desolved monistery of Our lady in the Meadows of Leicester unto James Dilke my father dated 10th. July 26 Henry III   1534. for 81 years. To my son Richard £10 annuity for 20 years. To my daughters Fermina and Ann 200 Marks apiece. To every one of my children`s children now living, except Grace Green ( to whome £50 at her marriage or at 26 ) £5 at 21. William Dilke my second son, to be my executor, and to recieve £600 according to an indenture dated  28 Sept. 33 Elizabeth 1591. I ordain my beloved master and friend Sir John Harrington of Exton Co. Rutland. Knight, my loving cousin Mr. Thomas Cave of Baggrave esq., my son George Dilke and my cousin William Roberts of Sutton Co. Leicester, gent. to be my supervisors.

Will of Elizabeth Dilke

Widdow dated  9 April 1606.

No probate, to be buried in the church of Kirkby Mallory. To my 5 children Thomas, Richard, Fancis,Philemma and Ann 10 s. apiece, the residue to my stepson George Dilke in consideration of the great charges I have put him to eversince the death of my husband, which George I make my executor.

Note...... Elizabeth was Richard Dilke`s second wife, Ann being his first.